Westwood Residences at Westwood Avenue

Westwood Residences at Westwood Avenue by Koh Brothers

In the last few years people from the baby boomer generation have been preparing for retirement. The baby boomers were born right after the end of World War II, between the years of 1946 to 1964. The baby boomer generation is huge in Australia as when World War II was over with, husbands and boyfriends returned from years of active duty and couples were keen to start families. In Australia, the aging population is larger than other generations and many baby boomers are choosing to retire overseas.

One country that is at the top of many people’s lists is Singapore. Recently a group of developers known as the Koh Brothers launched Westwood Residences in Westwood Avenue in Singapore. Interested buyers must be residents of Singapore and be over the age of 21. Having seen a few pictures of what this complex will be like, judging from these pictures, it looks like paradise and the perfect place for retirees from Western countries to live out the rest of their days in Singapore.

Westwood Residences by Koh Brothers

This practice is huge in Australia and one woman who made this move wrote a book about it. The reason many citizens from Western countries are making this move is because of the value of their dollar against the Singapore currency for Westwood Residences. Many retirees have only a disabled or aged pension to survive on, because superannuation was not available back when they were in the work force. Australia’s cost of living is too high for the pensioners to make ends meet. It was then discovered that the Australian dollar’s value is a gain of around eighty percent in some Asian countries and pensioners can live comfortably on their aged pensions in places like Singapore.

Westwood Residences Koh Brothers

Given that this is happening more and more and many people are beginning to retire, Westwood Residences by Koh Brothers that will be available in Singapore in 2018 might be just what the baby boomers are looking for. Given that the Australian Government are planning to make cuts to their pensions, why wouldn’t they look for a solution like this. By the time they sell their homes in Australia, especially if their home is in a city area, they will come out of the deal with a healthy profit and a beautiful condo, should they choose to purchase this real estate at Westwood Residences.

Westwood Avenue EC

Retirees moving into these beautiful homes at Westwood Residences might not be what the developer envisaged when they were planning this complex. Nevertheless, 2018 is not far away, so if you are interested, perhaps it would be a good idea to look into applying to purchase one of these lovely condos. If you are after a condo with three bedrooms to use for family when they visit, you will want to reserve the condo you want soon or you might miss out.

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