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In this softening market, shorter leases are becoming the proffered choice of renters Singaporeans were seeking shorter leases to be able to take advantage of the softening market. There has been a 3% drop for the year 2014 on rentals for private homes. In the area of public class is only 2.1%. At the end of 2014, the vacancy rate was at 7.8% private homes or the index‚Äôs highest in almost 10 years for Sol Acres. Analysts believe that tenants have taken control and created a “”Tenants Market””, as more units that are residential will be completed in the next 2 years. This will create a glut of vacant Sol Acres residential units.

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At horizon real estate’s key executive officer, Lena Low stated that 9 out of 10 rental inquiries that she is was getting calls for two-year leases. Nowadays it has risen to 50% of our calls are asking for only a one year lease. 39% of private resident rentals were for one-year leases in 2014 and this is an increase from the previous year from only 36% for Sol Acres. One-year leases for public housing rose to 90% in 20 14/87% in 2013. However, there are extenuating circumstances and not everyone desires the shorter lease, according to Derek Teng an agent with Orange Tee.

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“”If the residential property as a good price, local amenities, and a great location they will sign for the longer lease”” he went on to say, “”Those who want 2 to 3 year leases are still in the majority.”” More Singaporeans are flocking to the rental market as it continues to soften seeking bargains in Sol Acres. In 2013, only 1 in 20 were locals in the CCR now it has 2 in 10 people are seeking private residences in the CCR according to Orange Tee real estate agent Tan Zhi Wei who works this market.

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“”Singaporeans are renting to reposition their portfolios as they are waiting for the prices to go even lower before buying,”” the agent went on to say in Sol Acres.

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